Electrical production solutions by type of navigation

According to the energy balance of your sailboat and your navigation mode, different electrical production solutions are available:

Arrivée Arc Lagoon 42 hydrogenerateur save marine

The hydrogenerator

It is adapted to multi-days navigation, coastal and offshore navigations. It is a reliable and efficient solution who can lead to an optimal management of batteries park during the navigation. An hydrogenertaor can be completed with others solutions, such as solar panels.

The solar panels

They can be employed in all of navigation mode (coastal and offshore), but they must be completed with other electrical production equipment, preferably renewable energy, for multi-days navigation or high electricity needs on boat.

The wind generators

They are adapted for boats with little electric needs or for short navigation (coastal). They can be completed with others products, preferably, renewable energy to increase electricity production on board for long navigation (offshore).

Fuel power generators

They can support high electrical needs. They are installed for coastal or offshore navigation for big units or important electrical needs. They use fossil fuels, it is a polluting and not renewable energy. The fuel cell can be an alternative.